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Mr. Herman graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1983, and is a Member in Good Standing of the District of Columbia Bar, The American Bar Association (ABA) International Law Section, and the Forum on Franchising Section, the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, and the International Association of Franchisees and Dealers. Mr. Herman has lectured at the First Annual Franchise Conference held in Shanghai, China in October 1998.
Specializing in Franchise Law

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Mario L. Herman

Mario L. Herman

Mr. Herman has lectured at the First Annual Franchise Conference held in Shanghai, China in October 1998. He has also lectured on Franchising Issues in San Jose, Costa Rica in September 2001, and with the ABA Forum on Franchising in Orlando, Florida in October 2005.

Mr. Herman has appeared on CNN discussing franchise issues, and has been quoted repeatedly in the Wall Street Journal, and extensively in the Franchise Trade Press.

Specializing in Franchise Law

International and American Franchise Attorney

Purchasing a franchise is a common quick-start business opportunity for new entrepreneurs. Franchises have name brand recognition, a tried and true product that fits the needs of consumers, and an established method of doing business. As a potential franchisee, you may be tempted to jump into buying a franchise before you have identified the risks. As an experienced international and American franchise lawyer, I can help you decide if buying a franchise is the right fit for you.

Are you interested in buying a franchise ? Do you need a lawyer's help with a franchise law issue? Please contact me, Mario L. Herman, to arrange your consultation.

A Full Range of Legal Services

I help franchisees in a variety of industries. In addition to hotel and restaurant franchisees, I help clients get into the printing industry as well as the domestic services industry and many other types of businesses.

I provide a complete line of services to prospective franchisees. My legal services include advising you on the steps to take before buying a business, as well as the legal ramifications of selling one. I also represent clients who need to resolve disputes through arbitration.

Opportunity for Growth

The opportunity for growth in international and domestic franchising is virtually limitless. Franchises market to and fulfill the needs of consumers throughout various aspects of their lives. Many consumers are loyal to brands, choosing to stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant they have heard of or have experience with. As a franchisee, you can provide a service to consumers while fulfilling their needs for familiarity and convenience.

International Franchise

Are you a U.S. franchisee currently in a franchise relationship looking abroad for franchisor opportunities? International franchising is on the rise. Like any business deal, a thorough analysis of issues likely to arise and their effect on those involved serves either to ensure a successful venture or to spare a prospective partaker trouble and regret in the future.

Experienced Franchise Lawyer

I have been practicing in the area of franchise law for more than 33 years. My knowledge and skill is nationally recognized, and as a result, I have been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, as well as local news and radio programs.

If you are seeking an experienced franchise lawyer in Washington, D.C., contact me online to arrange your consultation.

Franchise HISTORY
The word "franchise" is derived from the Anglo-French word meaning "liberty." In Middle French, it is "franchir"– to free. In Old French, it is "franc," signifying free. The French term "francis" means granting rights or power to a peasant or serf. Read More
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Mr. Herman received a prestigious award from the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) in special recognition as the Supporting Member of the Year for his leadership as Chairman of the Amicus Committee of the AAFD.

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Mr. Herman is a solo practitioner specializing in franchisee matters. He has contributed articles on franchising in the Wall Street Journal, and has been interviewed on TV and the radio.

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If you are seeking an experienced franchise lawyer in Washington, D.C., contact me online to arrange your consultation.

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