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Operating a Franchise

International Franchise Operation Lawyer

Buying a franchise can be an excellent way to break into a new business. Franchises come with the name recognition and reputation that otherwise can take years to build. It is important, however, to practice due diligence and do your homework to discover red flags before purchasing a franchise opportunity.

Contact me, international franchise operation lawyer Mario L. Herman. A franchisee’s attorney for more than 33 years, I have extensive experience in contracts and franchise litigation. I will review your franchise agreement and offer advice as to whether or not to move forward with your potential franchise operation involvement.

As a prospective franchisee of an existing system, your investment in a franchise operation takes not only time and money, but a sincere effort on your part to learn whether the franchise you are considering is the right vehicle for that which you are hoping to accomplish. As a franchisee you have the benefit of counsel to informally negotiate in your best interest.

Hidden agendas may come forward when a skilled attorney analyzes your franchise agreement before your purchase. Such counsel allows you to thoroughly understand and sign with confidence the franchise agreement that results in your new franchise management.

Investigating every angle prior to closing the deal is imperative. After a contract has been signed and money has changed hands, there may be little you can do to remedy a negative situation without litigation.

Seek skilled counsel in me, Mario Herman, your personal due diligence watchguard, before buying U.S. franchise rights and planning the future of your franchise operation. Contact me today

Operating a Franchise
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