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Product / Trade Name Franchising

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Franchising encourages entrepreneurial spirit. To prevent the pitfalls that can befall any risky business venture, it takes the right balance of legislation, regulation, enforcement, oversight, self-policing, and education that will pave the way for franchising in the future.

Product or trade name franchising (product franchise) is the simplest form of franchising. In this franchise relationship, the franchisor owns the right to the name or trademark, and sells that right to a franchisee. Seek an attorney who is an expert in this field of law.

I am international franchise attorney Mario L. Herman. With more than 33 years of experience, I have a strong basis in international franchise law, as well as domestic franchise law. Contact Me, for experienced legal advice and representation offered with attentive service.

In product franchising, the product itself defines the franchise. For example; Toyota and Chevrolet dealerships, or Pepsi and Coca-Cola soft drink bottlers, are products or trade names in which the product itself is what the franchisor is selling.

Product franchising is different than a business format franchising, which is the most common form of franchising. Exemplified by Minuteman Press printing company, convenience stores, hotels, and real estate agencies, the concept of the business is sold in addition to the product.

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