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Selling a Franchise

International Franchise Selling Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Buying a franchise can prove to be a successful business venture. However, not all businesses succeed and sometimes the best decision is simply to sell your franchise.

If you are considering selling a franchise, consider these questions. Can you terminate your contract without incurring significant financial penalties from the franchisor? Will you need to pay back royalties? Are you bound by a non-compete agreement? All of these issues must be carefully considered before you sell your franchise in order to avoid legal complications and disputes.

Contact me, Mario L. Herman, when you need legal advice pertaining to selling a franchise. For more than 33 years, I have represented prospective, current, and former domestic and international franchisees. I provide skilled legal counsel designed to address clients’ franchising needs. Let me put my experience to work as your franchise lawyer.

Successful termination of an international franchise relationship often requires the services of an accomplished franchise attorney. I can assist you with the following:

  • Negotiating a purchase amount to pay back royalties
  • Negotiating and reviewing buy-sell agreements
  • Negotiating non-compete agreements
  • Helping you understand the terms of the sale
  • Preventing the franchisor and/or purchaser from taking advantage of your position
  • Ensuring your rights are fully protected

With the help of a franchise lawyer, you can often avoid prolonged and costly legal disputes relating to the sale or termination of a franchise agreement. However, if disputes do arise, I have extensive litigation, mediation and franchise arbitration experience. No matter the situation, I am committed to protecting your rights and your business interests.

Contact Mario L. Herman

If you are considering selling your international franchise, I can provide comprehensive guidance to help you avoid legal risks and potential disputes. Contact me, international franchisee lawyer Mario L. Herman, for more information.

Selling a Franchise
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