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Getting Out of a Franchise

Legal Advice for Selling a Franchise

Even with the best intentions and effort, businesses do not always work out as planned. Disputes and financial difficulties may require you to terminate a contract sooner than expected. If you need to get out of a current franchise contract, I can provide the legal counsel you need to protect your rights and to help avoid prolonged legal disputes.

Do you want to sell a franchise or “get out” of a franchise contract? I am attorney Mario L. Herman, and I have been representing prospective and current franchisees for more than 33 years. I can help you terminate a franchise relationship. Please contact me online to schedule a consultation.

As an experienced franchise lawyer, I can protect my clients’ interests during the sale or termination of a franchise contract. My services in this area include:

  • Getting out of a non-compete agreement
  • Negotiating a buy-sell agreement
  • Negotiating royalty amounts and payments
  • Protecting your interests in legal disputes
  • Informing clients of their rights and obligations when terminating a franchise contract

Owning an International Franchise — Lawyer With Experience

As the owner of a franchise, do you feel trapped? Has your franchisor failed to honor its contract? Is the advertising support short of what you expected? Has the corporation allowed another franchisee to infringe on your territory? These are all difficult issues that call for knowledgeable care and handling by a seasoned international franchise attorney.

For more than 33 years, I have been providing skilled legal counsel regarding international franchise matters. I have an extensive background representing franchisees exclusively in domestic franchise law and international franchise law. My knowledge and skill is nationally recognized and, as a result, the Wall Street Journal as well as local news and radio programs have interviewed me regarding franchise issues.

Issues With Owning an International Franchise

If you have owned a franchise, you are aware that franchise agreements are terminated for numerous reasons, including a master developer not making quota. If, however, the franchisor has disobeyed the law or breached the original franchise agreement, you may have a cause of action. If the corporation has misrepresented its claims to you, you may have been defrauded.

Before you litigate, know your lawyer. Let my competent legal counsel and extensive international franchise experience help you protect your rights and provide a safe landing.

I provide informative counsel to prospective franchisees of an existing system. I will advise you of the risks involved in owning an international franchise and protect your rights and business interests should a dispute arise. In addition, if you once owned a franchise but your franchise agreement concluded in your wrongful termination, I can help you pursue accountability.

Contact a Franchise Attorney

Franchise law is a complex legal area. As such, it requires the services of an attorney who is fully knowledgeable of the issues presented. I have more than two decades of experience helping clients buy, maintain and get out of a franchise. I can help you too.

Learn how an experienced franchise attorney can help protect your interests when selling a franchise or ending a franchise contract. Contact me online to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

Getting Out of a Franchise
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